Howdy dere pardner! It seems like yous need an explanation on how this rowdy game works.
In this exquisite game, there are *number of participants* participants, you and *(number of participants)-1* others. Some participants will have the pleasure in hypothetically murdering their comrades, removing them from the game... and thus, a "whodunnit" scenario is created.
To release that pent-up rage of finding their bestest buddy dead on the ground, every non-murderer is going to have to figure out who the murderer is!
After a set amount of time, everyone will vote for who they think the killer is. If the non-murderers figure the murderer out, that murderer is taken out the game, and the cycle continues on.

However... if majority doesn't correctly vote out the murderer...
Everyone besides the murderer is taken out the game, ultimately leaving the murderer victorious!

That's the basic gist of it. If you want more detail, proceed to the information below.

What happens when someone is murdered? (Rules of the Trial)

When someone is murdered, we get to engage in everyone's favorite subject: debating!
All living members will recieve a case file that I created on a fake murder scenario (I'd let you make it up yourself, you know... you being the murderer and all, but I'm not ready for that), and everyone is going to work together to solve the mystery.
Well, everyone except the murderer. They're going to try their best to veer everyone off the correct path, without being as obvious as possible.
Each participant will be given 2 things after a murder. An autopsy report (which are the same for everyone) and a set of clues (which varies for each person). If everyone works together, they can all agree on one true truth.
Using these tools, you throw arguments back and forth at each other until no one can prove you wrong. Voting time begins once time runs out or at least 75% living participants decides that they're satisfied with their conclusion.

The vote is majority rules and everyone is forced to vote in 30 seconds (or else you'll be removed from the game).

If the vote ends in a tie (an equal amount of votes on any number of people and/or one vote less than the majority vote on one person), you'll be granted 15 extra minutes. Think of it as a clutch or kick situation. Either you prove your point fast or it's bedtime for Bonzo. You don't have to vote for the people with the tied votes if you don't want to, but if it ends in a tie again, you'll be forced to vote for people with the tied votes.

After the voting ends, the votes are counted, and the verdict will announced, yada yada yada, you win or you lose. That's it.

Unfair Advantages/Disadvantages

Hey, you're either lucky or you ain't. This game introduces a special system that definitely wasn't inspired by any existing game at all (*ahem* Town of Salem *ahem*). At the very beginning of the game, everyone recieves a role. It may be good for you, it may be bad for you, or it might be nothing to you at all. You can tell anyone whatever you want. Tell them what your role is, or lie about it. Just think about the risks of doing so. "Meeh meh meh... but that seems unfair for those who don't have a good role..." Then release your rage and murder them. That way, their role means nothing.

When will it end?

The game will continue until a murder can't be solved or until there are two surviving participants left.